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Friday, April 6, 2012

A healthier twist on popcorn.

Ok, so we have all been told that popcorn is a healthy snack. BUT, the popcorn that you buy in the microwave bags really are not good for you. I used to buy the 100 calorie packs until I found this healthier and cheaper way to make a popcorn snack. I learned this from the nutritionist that works on the biggest loser show and I just had to try it out. Now, I am hooked!

Take a brown paper lunch bag and place 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels inside the bag. Fold the bag over 2 times.

Place in the microwave for 2 min. Two tablespoons will fill a small bowl up perfectly. Then take whatever seasonings that you want, spray some butter and wallllaaahhhh so healthy and soooo much cheaper!
Happy snacking y'all!

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